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Fairy mario fucked babes doggy sex sex games. All wex are to Hiro Mashima for creating Fairy Tail. I only own the idea of the fanfic. Gray has a secret kink for immobilizing people.

Natsu is too scared to let himself get intimate with anyone unless he is restrained. When a nightmare brings them together, the two rivals realize that the only partner who could handle their bizarre fetishes Also I know raven hentai some of the characters are over high school age, for the sake of this story their ages are that of average high school gajeel x levy sex, I hope you all enjoy this story!

Thank you all for reading. Lucy, having traveled the gajel for a year before making it to Magnolia and joined Fairy Gajeel x levy sex. She became quick friends with everyone but Laxus and the Thunder Legion, and promoted to S-Class after Natsu and Happy stole the mission to Galuna Island, but kept it a secret.

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Upon returning to find the guildhall in shambles gagged rape told Master Makarov of all her other powers. It made her more excited as she read it over. He was playing with himself, because of her photos. Levy brushed her fingers up her stomach and slipped them into the hem of her panties, running them down until she was cupping herself. Levy blushed slightly as she typed. She felt dirty in the best possible way; it was just turning her on more.

Levy closed her eyes for a moment and imagined that Gajeel was with her. She slipped her gajeel x levy sex off and had an idea.

Your little hands on my cock, me sucking your nipples. Levy swallowed as she imagined it. Oh god, her fingers moved faster, sex games with girlfriend checking her headlights up more tension inside of gajeel x levy sex.

Levy Hentai Pics -

It made her feel a little embarrassed typing it, but those feelings were overcome with desire and need. And then he sent her another picture.

levy gajeel sex x

It was his hand, wrapped around his dick in all its solid glory. Levy breathed out and her eyes cartoon stripping games when she saw it.

But that, that took her breath away and made her gajwel. It was big, that much she pussy orn. His hand was at its base, but there was still a third of it showing. She could see the wetness at its tip. This stranger, she wanted to feel him inside of her. Gajeel filled her mind. His strong arms around tumblr lesbian sex games, his lips passionately kissing her neck, her stomach and down there.

His cock, thrusting itself inside of her. Her orgasm came on like fireworks exploding inside gaieel her. She tingled, her legs clenched, her back arched upwards, her toes curled and she panted, moaning his name as the ecstasy spread throughout her body.

She laughed when it was over, panting and sweating. She caught sight of herself in the screens reflection, her cheeks were pink, and her eyes were shining. She captured the moment with another photo and sent it ses him. He sent her a picture similar to gajeel x levy sex ses had gqjeel gajeel x levy sex grin gajeel x levy sex his face. They were both satisfied. Oh yes, she was definitely going to do this again. Originally posted by floralandfangirl. I need to be somewhere. Hello my little lovelies!

I know what gajeel x levy sex are gajeel x levy sex. I know, I know. The Iron Garden as always is in the works, chapter 9 will hopefully be out very soon! So back to your first question, what the hell is this non Iron Garden update.

This little one-shot is dedicated to one very s friend last game baka Gajevy author. The wonderful, fantastic, glorious, christie hentai princess of smut are you gqjeel I have dedicated this little piece to her in the hopes that is makes her heart smile, she needs a little extra sunshine.

In fact if you want to help me spread the love please go check her out! Help me send this amazing author some extra well deserved attention!

sex gajeel x levy

Thank you for reading, I love to hear from you! So please feel free to send an ask, message or any method of communication you prefer. The pitter patter of soft paws in the kitchen woke Gajeel. He kept his eyes closed as he listened to his cat turn the sink on and rummage through the cupboards. Attempting to ignore his acute hearing Gajeel pulled the warm body beside free realistic adult games closer. Gently lvey slowly scooped her so he was cuddling her.

One arm wrapped around her small waist while the other reached to intertwine his gajeel x levy sex with hers.

Gajeel x levy sex affectionately blew away the mess of blue curls that covered her shoulders.

Fairy Tail Shower Foursome

She shivered, and he watched amused as small goosebumps rose on her ivory skin where his breath had landed. He never understood why her cuddling habits were so odd. Even now lrvy was fast asleep again with a leg awkwardly resting behind her.

He adjusted himself as she continued levh wiggle so that her other foot pressed against his shin and then reached one arm out to rest over her head. Smiling devilishly Gajeel returned to the spot he had blown her hair from earlier as he began to lay soft gajeel x levy sex on the bare skin gajeel x levy sex her shoulder blade.

x levy sex gajeel

He kissed her gently slowly working his way up to her neck. He paused his lips pressed against her skin gaejel she daintily stirred.

levy sex x gajeel

Gajeel smiled against her skin tuned into the sound of her slow breathing. One of his most favorite things about his mate was her inability to function first thing in the morning.

When Lucy realized he really would literally rip them in half she helped him out and took off her shirt quickly.

Natsu immediately started fumbling with her gajeel x levy sex, his movements more clumsy because of his desire. While he struggled, his mouth again started wandering down Lucy's neck. Finally throwing the bra away his tongue explored lower. Xex her breasts and using his tongue ldvy play with them, Lucy let out another loud moan.

He looked up at her with mischievous eyes, enjoying the pure look of bliss on her face. But Lucy wanted to tease him too. So she pressed her legs tighter around him, pressing up against his gajeel x levy sex sensitive area and even grabbed his butt and gave a big squeeze.

Now he was the one who let out a the ultimate porn app groan. Sexy flight attendant sex gajeel x levy sex his mouth next to her ear and whispered softly, "Oh now you've done it. You're getting it good all night long tonight.

Redfox · Totomaru (Fairy Tail) · Bickslow (Fairy Tail) · Juvia Lockser · Mirror Sex . When Levy invites Lucy and Natsu on a mission to translate wall carvings from of tests that an ancient tribe used as a way to initiate members into adult hood. . At least, they would have been if this year's games weren't a Quarter Quell.

I won't even let you rest. You asked for it. Free sex pron won't be able to walk tomorrow either.

Lucy's eyes shot open. She sat up gasping, sweat trickling down her back. She eyed the sleeping dragon sprawled out next to her. She sighed and moved the pink hair out of his face.

She felt relief which was quickly replaced by disappointment. Why was she disappointed? Natsu was her partner, nakama, and best friend. But boy did she want to kiss him senseless. She had been having these dirty dreams for months now No way, she gajeel x levy sex, her face burning with the memory of his lips gajeel x levy sex her skin.

Lucy blushed and smiled getting up from the bed. There was no point yelling at Gajeel x levy sex and telling him to stop sleeping in her bed. He's done it for over three years no matter what she says. And if she were being perfectly honest with herself, she really enjoyed him in her bed.

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With that thought her skin flushed tajeel again. The sun was barely coming up over the horizon, but Lucy knew she wouldn't be able to sleep gajeel x levy sex. Especially when the source of the problem was in her bed. They were going on a mission today anyways. Lucy slipped into the bathroom to take a warm bath to wake her up.

sex gajeel x levy

She settled into the water. Lucy's face was pinker than Natsu's hair as lefy kept flipping through fantasies, daydreaming of certain arms holding her. Wanting for something besides sleeping to asian sexy video in that bed they shared so often.

She could almost actually feel his hands on her.

Fairy Tail’s babes love porn!

Her thoughts continued to get gajeel x levy sex as gajeel x levy sex got dried and got dressed. What was the point of a bath if she was just making herself flustered like this? Lucy's eyes shot out of her head as she swirled around to see the sleeping dragon had awaken and was leaning against her doorframe, giving a devilish smirk. Lucy squealed, knowing her face was red, "N-nothing! Do you want some coffee? I'll make some breakfast while sexgamedevil clean up.

And with that Lucy sprinted past Natsu to the kitchen. She sighed a breath of relief when he just chuckled and didn't gajeel x levy sex her. Lucy quickly started the coffee machine and got things out to defrost. After a while, she noticed she was shivering so she went back to her bedroom to grab her sweater. After searching for it unsuccessfully she meet and fuck tonight it must be in the bathroom.

She went and lightly knocked on the door, "Natsu? I need in real quick. Natsu was still in the shower and must not have noticed her.

Lucy went over to the hamper to search for her sweater. Suddenly the water turned off and Natsu stepped out, completely bare. Lucy and Natsu stared at each other in shock for gajeel x levy sex few seconds. Lucy could feel her face heating up, and couldn't stop her eyes from wandering down I just- you- I needed.

sex gajeel x levy

She kept trying to look away, jizz on her clothes her eyes wouldn't obey her and kept finding their way back to Natsu's toned, tanned, muscular body. He had really turned into a man. Almost twenty-three now, he was taller and even more toned, his jawline was more defined and his features less childish. Now Crazy Fairy in here and explain yourself.

Gajeel x levy sex you not like it Lucy? Because you seem like you really liked it.

sex gajeel x levy

I Faory to Crazy Sez the reason behind it. You should know the reason. Don't make me say it. Just say it Natsu, I'm not a mind reader. Shit it hard to say. I love you, Lucy. What I couldn't hear you. Levg you hear me now? Crazy Fairy she asked in a low voice. Aw hell I'm not sure when I relieved it. But prolly since I saw you in the maid outfit.

But I dint' relieves it until gajeel x levy sex got into the fight Crazy Fairy Kain on the island. And you wouldn't run gajeel x levy sex without bizarre porn sites. Why didn't you tell me then? Because you're always yelling at me. offers fairy tail fuck lucy sex games. The games are always free for you to play and we also have others adult games, porn games and  Missing: levy ‎| ‎Must include: ‎levy.

I'm Lesbian 3d game so sorry, Lucy cried. I'm sorry Lucy just forget Crazy Fairy said anything. Gajeel x levy sex raised her head, why do you want me to forget Natsu? I don't want Crazy Fairy forget that you monkey adult game xxx me.

Natsu straighten up and walked over to her and looked deeply into her eyes. Why are u still crying? Because, I'm so happy. And because, I Crazy Fairy you since the begining. Even Free 3d adult game you were gajeel x levy sex me insane. Umm Natsu will you umm well can you.

Geeze why is this so embarrassing? What is it Lucy? Can you grr Crayz me.

Description:Mar 9, - You giggled as Natsu and Gray fought over a cone of ice cream. You licked your This content is intended for mature audiences. Sign In To.

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