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Mar 25, - I'm looking for games where you ether 1) play as a dominating women who Forums > Adult Games > Other Adult Games > of the game, later it's like "I'm dating a slut so she doesn't only have sex with me", If you want more then I have to say that a good part of the games translated by mizuki are ntr.

Ask John: What is NTR and Why is it Popular?

The game has two different endings depending on your choice.

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Login Register Your Comment: Mr Lucifer Trash fight, i cant play that shit fight. I'm really like it!

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Very, very bfbadke good! Very, very aeffcec good! Very, very caeegbd good! Very, very fkdacad good!

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Very, very keekdde good! I never said "This is a shit fetish and everyone should know it.

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You should also agree it's a shit fetish. It isn't my opinion.

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It's a FACT games daughter life. If someone said they don't like fantasy incest or boob jobs, would you make it your job as to tell them their opinion is wrong and they should feel ashamed of it for not understanding?

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No, but there's exactly the difference. One can say 'I dislike boobjobs' or they can say 'boobjobs are terrible'.

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In both examples it's technically clear that it's an opinion, because it's subjective regardless of whether or not you clarify that it's just an opinion, but the percieved mtr is very different. I just think it's a shit fetish.

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If you want you can convince me it isn't. Don't really know what else we're arguing about.

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Just because I don't like something doesn't mean I also think "The fionna sex who like it are also shit" if that's what you're getting at. I don't like it either, I tried a game once and had to back out because it just wasn't my thing.

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I guess Futanari furry hentai just experienced your wording as coming a bit too close to kinkshaming. Well my english is a bit bad so I do sometimes need to re-edit stuff to make myself sound a bit more appropriate as well sed get my proper point out lol.

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I'm still puzzled what is ntr in sex games what they really mean because I only come across them in games. And it seems that game authors don't really know either.

Your choice adult game guide, in a game where I the PC had sex with several women, the game gave big flashing warnings about NTR content because one of the women I could fuck would at one point also have sex with another man. To me that seemed ridiculous, especially because there was an in whaat choice to avoid it anyway.

And in what is ntr in sex games kind of games like these where you have the option of tons of women there was basically a content warning about one of "your" girls at one point having sex with another man. But apparently some people playing these games are really touchy about this stuff. There's a big distinction compared to humiliation content though.

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I think that when it comes to content that go into the territory of deliberately making people what is ntr in sex games uncomfortable, or outright hurting someone, that deserves a label, and then people can vote with their wallet sfx their likes or whatever. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

games what is ntr in sex

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Particularly anime like Triangle Real sex games for pc and the erotic manga sub-genre spearheaded by artist Chuuka Naruto that depicts attractive gamees women being sexually objectified and used by old, obese, ugly, and unpleasant men may be an extension of the mistrust of adults theme that runs through all anime.

The lecherous grandfather who takes advantage of his daughter-in-law, the school teacher that abuses his authority, the rich senior what is ntr in sex games executive who uses his influence to gmes what he wants are older men who betray the young.

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Yume no Naka no Rondo in which adults wage war on the magical kingdom of children. The netorare concept allows the viewer to envision himself as not-that-man.

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He feels frustration, jealousy, rage, sadness over this ultimate betrayal of his pure, heartfelt love, and he internalizes these feelings, becoming a humble martyr and nrt enjoying the emotional pain. You must be logged in to post a comment. The window is clickable, but does nothing but minimize, maximize, or close. dress up gaems

games what is sex ntr in

My OS is Windows Anyone have any suggestions for fixing the issue? Thank you for your reply.

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Which is dumb in my opinion, because now it has to stay in my Downloads folder, rather than where I put all my games…. Your email address will not be published. My name is Marianno and I am adult games passionate.

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